Self Managed Super Fund Trustees

For many years now, Self Managed Super Funds have been the fastest growing sector of superannuation since they offer a level of control and flexibility that cannot be matched by traditional alternatives. These benefits of total control over investments & other strategic decisions and increased investment choices including borrowing in super come with a responsibility of management which we are more than happy to shoulder.
SMSF is a complex area and with the changes in the legislation you need an expert to look after your fund. Mitesh has worked in the SMSF space since 2007 and can guide you to make an informed decision about the strategies to put in place. As well since there are enormous penalties for the trustees for non-compliance you would not want to risk anything. We can help you with the following:-

Our Services include

  • Self Managed Super Fund tax saving strategies
  • Preparation of year end Financials Statements and Tax Returns
  • SMSF Set-up
  • SMSF Wind-up
  • SMSF Audits

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